The Importance of Roof Maintenance

The importance of roof maintenance

The importance of roof maintenance

There is more to roof maintenance than simply cleaning the gutters. You should pay close attention to your roof especially if it is over 20 years old or exhibiting signs of wear or damage. Thankfully if a roof has a bit of damage then it can be quickly addressed without much expense from an experienced roofing contractor.  It is very important not to ignore small leaks or other water damage as these problems will eventually quickly grow into big, more expensive problems if left unattended. In this article we are going to talk about the importance of roof maintenance, how to clean your roof, the benefits of a clean roof and how to effectively inspect your roof.

Regular roof maintenance is just as important for your home as it is for a person to get a regular physical checkup, especially as age increasingly becomes a factor. Roof maintenance ensures that your home remains strong and is capable of withstanding Vancouver’s heavy rain and harsh weather conditions.

Did you know your roof expands and contracts when the weather temperature changes? As a roof constantly shrinks and expands there is greater chance for cracks to develop and damage shingles. This in turn provides a greater opportunity for water to seep in between the cracks and cause damage to your home.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Failure to repair roof damage or putting it off will only likely lead to more expensive repairs or even replacement down the road. In addition, failing to fix your roof is a sure way to shorten its lifespan.
But how do you maintain your roof? We have put together some tips to help you prolong the lifespan of your roof and get the most out of it.

How To Clean Your Roof

A homeowner can tell when the outside of their home is dirty and is in need of cleaning. The paint is peeling or there is moss growing on the side. Keeping your roof clean and free of dirt, and grime is not only important for visual attractiveness, but it also extends the life of your roof and increases the resale value. You may only see part of your roof from your lawn and is hard to inspect. However, just like the side of your home, the roof needs to be well maintained and cleaned as a part of regular maintenance schedule.

Because climbing on your roof is dangerous, it’s best to contact a trusted roofing contractor to both clean and inspect the roof for you. Never try to clean or repair your roof yourself. The most common issue with a dirty roof is algae, fungus and moss which can be difficult to get off. While debris can easily collect, it most likely won’t be an issue. However when a living organism takes root on your roof it can damage the integrity of your roof.

Benefits of a Clean Roof

New roofs have great look great and are great if you’re trying to sell your home but what about that same roof, ten or twenty years down the line? Your roof doesn’t look so great and becomes a liability instead of an asset.
A well-maintained roof protects your family from the wind, rain and snow. If you want it to keep doing its job, you’ll need to do regular maintenance on it to ensure that there is no sign of damage. Usually people only inspect their roof after a major wind or snow storm. However, it’s best to have a scheduled six-month inspection to find out any problems before they become major issues.

The important thing to remember is that inspecting a roof needs to be done both from the ground and on top on the roof. You can do the ground inspection, however you should hire a roofing contractor to climb up on the roof and inspect close up. From the ground, you can see look out for general problems or potential dangers and how your roof looks. A roofing contractor, once he or she is on top of the roof, will find details that you cannot see from the ground. There are a couple parts to your roof, such as flashing and shingles, that require closer inspection.

How To Inspect Your Roof

You’ll need to look for signs of cracked or broken singled. Use binoculars to look for damage when you’re inspecting your roof from the ground. Missing shingles are easy enough to find, while rust or moss can sometimes be difficult to detect. Other signs that your roof needs some repairs are if shingles start curling or buckle. These are warning signs that you have a problem and you will most likely have a leak if you don’t get them fixed.

Minor repairs like replacing a shingle or resealing some flashing are small fixes. For major problems like damage to an entire section of roof, it can be a little costlier. Taking on any type of roofing project is dangerous and should only be handled by professionals. Even if it is a small fix, don’t try it yourself.

The presence of invasive organisms like moss, algae, or lichens onto your roof can surprisingly cause a lot of damage. These tiny organisms may seem insignificant and may be easy to ignore but always know what to look out for.
Moss: is a plant that has a shallow root system and requires a lot of moisture to survive. It can thrive on the side of a roof that doesn’t get much sun. In addition moss can cast spores which can easily spread and grow, causing more damage.
Algae: is a type of bacteria that you will find on your roof. It feeds off of both asphalt and limestone in moist and shaded areas, making roofs a prime growing spot. If you’re not carefully, algae will quickly spread and cause trouble.
Lichens: are a type of fungus similar to algae. They form a branching growth of tentacles that penetrate deep into the shingle’s base which can cause cracks and other damage if left untreated.


Cambie Roofing is a professional roofing company that serves the Vancouver area. We work hard to provide the best quality service and our goal is ensuring you are 100 percent satisfied. If your roof is in need of an inspection or a repair, contact us today and we can provide you with a free estimate.

Originally published May 2018,
Updated and republished Oct. 2023.

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