spring cleaning tips for your roof

5 Quick Tips to Spring Clean Your Roof

It’s almost March, and the weather is finally starting to warm up. As it starts to rain less, you’re probably getting ready for that dreaded spring cleaning when you clear out the garage, tidy up the basement, dust the windows, and overall get your home ready for sunny days.
While spring cleaning is important, there’s always one part of the house many people forget needs some spring cleaning attention too and that’s your roof!
Bad weather may have left your roof worse for wear, and there are a few things you can do to get it all tidied up for the rest of the year.
Here are some spring cleaning tips for your roof.

Check Your Guttering And Downpipes

The winter months can cause problems for your guttering, pipes and other drainage on your home and checking these as part of your roof top spring cleaning should be incorporated to avoid long term harm to your roof, walls, and structure.
If there’s been a lot of rain and wind then gutters and pipes may have become loose or detached through damaged joints and brackets. Also, the gutters can get clogged up from debris.
Moss, leaves and even loose shingles can be shifted in poor weather conditions and find their way into your drainage system. This debris can be the cause of blockages in the pipes which in turn can lead to inadequate drainage or overflowing water, and even flooding.

Damaging Tree Branches

If any branches fell on your roof over the winter, make sure to clear them off as soon as possible. You’ll probably be able to handle small twigs and branches by yourself, but you might consider calling a professional to take care of the larger ones. The longer they stay on your roof, the more likely they are to puncture holes through shingles, causing water damage and leaks.
It’s also a good idea to go around and trim any overhanging tree branches that could pose a problem in the future. If there are any looming over your roof that look like they might hit your roof, you’ll want to take care of them now that the weather is nice, and before they actually fall.

Wash Off Mold And Mildew

Mold and mildew can be very dangerous if they’re allowed to live on your roof. Make sure to check for signs of them.  You’ll see discoloured streaks on your roof if there’s anything growing. If you do see mold, you can treat the problem with a variety of solutions made to kill the growth. Generally you can pick these products up at your local hardware or roofing store.

Check Around Your Chimney and Vents

Be sure to check around the chimney and vents for signs of damage and disrepair that might have occurred through the winter weather. Heavy storms or fluctuations in temperature can have an effect on seals and flashing, shifting or damaging material which could lead to leaks in the future.
One easy thing you can do is go into your attic and check from the inside for any light which may be coming through cracks or gaps in the roof.
Lastly, if you have a skylight, you should inspecting around the edges for similar signs of damage.

Check for Broken or Missing Shingles

Snow, rain, storms and extreme temperatures can, cause shingles to degrade and become damaged. As the shingles are important for maintaining the watertight properties of your roof, it’s important to inspect for any areas where they may have broken or gone missing.
If possible, you want to repair or replace the shingles as soon as possible as water damage can be costly to repair. You can spot potential cracks or breakages in asphalt shingles as there will be areas or lines that appear black or darker than the rest.
Shingles that have come away altogether will likewise cause deficiency in the watertight properties of the roof, while also having the additional problem of potentially ending up in your gutter which, as we’ve discussed, can cause additional headaches.


We hope these tips help you treat and protect your roof and your home from damage. It can be time consuming and annoying, however, the more often you inspect and take care of your roof, the longer it will last, and the less you’ll have to spend on it over time.
If you’d like to have someone come out and inspect your roof for you, give the experts at Cambie Roofing a call. We’ll let you know how your roof weathered this winter, and we’ll fix any issues, no matter how big or small, as soon as possible. For more information, or to request a free repair estimate get in touch.

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