Beautify your rooftop patio

Beautify your rooftop patio

Beautify your rooftop patio

Whether you own a home or a commercial property, a great way to maximize your outdoor space is to turn your rooftop into a picturesque patio! These urban oasis’s have gained popularity recently, whether it be a small garden or spacious terrace, there are many options. All it takes is a little creativity and groundwork to determine how to beautify your rooftop patio. For example, many commercial business owners like retail stores have optimized their rooftops by turning them into welcoming sitting areas – for their clients and/or employees. In this blog post, we will dive into five ways you can elevate your rooftop by transforming it into a unique patio.

1. Go green

You don’t have to be a green thumb in order to transform your rooftop patio into a beautiful green space. Adding a variety of plants to your outdoor patio will not only compliment it and make it more visually appealing, it will bring fresh air and habits for local wildlife such as birds right to your door. It can be as easy as investing in a mix of potted plants and hanging baskets. Or, you can take it a step further by creating a garden and installing grass if possible. Once your greenery is set, grab some garden decor, a bird bath and some nice outdoor lights for final touches! It’s that easy to beautify your rooftop patio.

2. Make it lounge-worthy

If you’re the owner of a commercial property and you’re lucky enough to have a rooftop patio at your business, make the most of it for yourself, employees and potentially your customers! (Or make it an exclusive perk for your employees) Let’s say you’ve added some greenery already, the next step is making it a relaxing oasis where you can take your breaks! Cozy seating is a must. No we don’t mean just add some lawn chairs and call it a day, choose some versatile options. This includes outdoor modular sofas, lounge chairs and weather resistant floor cushions. Make this space a unique spot that promotes relaxation! Throw in an outdoor rug, throw pillows and some citronella candles and you’re good to go.

3. Privacy is key

If your building is located in a high-traffic area and it feels like there’s always something going on, you might want your rooftop patio to be a place of tranquility and calmness. In order to achieve this vibe, you will want to prioritize privacy. To do so, you can easily install privacy screens and/or dividers. If your business is situated along a busy street, you can make it so when on the rooftop, you are not exposed to the traffic. In addition to the privacy screens, pick up some tall planters to help beautify the space along the dividers.

4. It’s all in the decor

Make your rooftop patio your own with thoughtfully selected decor! If you will be enjoying the patio after sunset, you will want to find lighting such as string lights, solar-powered path lights, lanterns and more. There are a variety of lighting options available depending on what type of mood you’re trying to create. Next, you’ll want to add some homey touches. If that means 10 garden gnomes, so be it! You can find other decorations at your local home store such as sculptures, water fountains, bird feeders/baths, rock art, glass ornaments and more. If your building allows it, you can add a propane fire pit! This can turn your rooftop patio into the perfect place to host team building events, after hour networking events and everything in between.

5. Protect against the elements

It’s important to consider weather protection when designing your rooftop patio. Depending on where you live, climate plays a massive role when it comes to choosing things for your rooftop. You will want to ensure your roof’s structural integrity is perfect before designing your dream rooftop. You can consult the professionals at Cambie Roofing if you are concerned about this. Next, be sure to install shaded elements on your patio to protect against things like excessive rain, sun and/or wind. If you want to make your rooftop usable in the colder months, maybe you want to install outdoor heaters. If it gets extremely hot in the warmer months, consider installing water misters. Finally, make sure everything you purchase for your roof is actually weather resistant. Taking these steps will ensure you can enjoy your rooftop patio at any time during the year.


There are many ways to beautify your rooftop patio! All it takes is a bit of planning and some insight from a professional to achieve the best look and ensure long lasting results. We know how easy it is to become overwhelmed with the urban hustle and bustle, so making a safe and relaxing space for you and your employees is of utmost importance. Add some greenery, make it lounge-worthy, add some privacy elements, incorporate decor and ensure its protected from the elements!

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